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Natasha Somalia’s Cashmere



Silky, smooth, shine and more is what the oil blend called Cashmere brings to your hair, especially to your curls. I have never seen a oil blend that define curls, not my curls anyway. As soon as anything greasy touches my hair it starts to go straight.

I’m in love with the scent, which smells like peppermint. I’m just in love with the oil point blank period!! It’s great for sealing in the moisture. The oil is light enough that it will not weigh down your curls. We all know how important that is to a curly head.

I am so waiting on my next bottle because I can not get enough of Cashmere. The spray bottle is nice so you will not over use it because you know that every drop counts. 4oz for $11.00 I think you get your monies worth.

I know I’m hooked.

Ladies remember to always love your hair, it will love you back.

As always, thanks for reading, peace and love!!!!!





Natasha Somalia’s Chamomile Cleansing Conditioner



What can I say about this cleansing conditioner? Is it just like all the rest that claim it will get your hair clean without all the harsh ingredients? Maybe. Is the results the same? Could be. Well I’m hear to tell you that it brought softness to my hair, it brought shine to my hair, if my hair could tell me it would say, “thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing me hydration.”

This conditioner has slip, it has thickness and a little goes a very long way. The scent is very pleasant, it reminds me of fruit and flower mixed together and it is not loud at all.

Was my hair clean? Yes. Did I feel build up on my strands after the wash was finish? No. I really felt as if I had just deep conditioned my hair. For me that is a win, win in my book.

I have not only test this product on my hair but others with different strand type as well. I am here to say that there was no difference in the results.

Here’s a thumbs up



For more information on this and other products she has to offer Natasha Somalia 215-264-1100 Tell her Curly Ummi sent you.


Ladies your hair is ever changing, love it, care for it and it will truly love you back.

As always, thanks for reading, peace and love!!!


Natasha Somalia New Products

New products that I am now trying so I can give you a detailed review on each and every one of them. I can not wait to share with you what I have discovered by using these products.


Remember, love your hair and it will love you back.

As always, thanks for reading, peace and love!!!!!!


My Old Friend Came Back To Join Me

After growing old you find there are so many things that have been past down to you over the years. Like many of us growing up in my era the craft of Crochet is one of them. My old friend came back home and I fell in love all over again.

A new stitch I started working with and it just grew from there.


Corner to Corner stitch

This is the end result of that stitch.


From hats to…..


More blankets, I am loving my new hobby again .



As always, thanks for reading, peace and love!!!!!



Knots Knots and More Knots


It is so amazing that no matter how much you take care of your hair these things they call knots can always work their way into your hair. With me it happens the most when I try out protective styles. Plaits or twist in the end just gives me a mess to clean up. That only means the scissors must come out.

So what about the retention from all the protecting? Is it somehow a means to the end? The end of my length? So once again I had to cut off the knots as well as the split ends. I don’t consider it too bad since the last time I did a trim was 3 months ago but I was not expecting to cut off as much as I did in some areas because of how high the knot was up my strand.

What did I do about it you ask? Once I was reminded about castor oil again it became my friend. Castor oil puts a coating on your ends and the knots are prevented from starting. So for some months now I have been going back in forth between twist and plaits. I have been able to retain more length and I am so happy with my progress now. I really feel this year I will see more than just the 3 – 4″ I have been getting in the past.

Black seed oil is another one that I have added to my daily moisturizing treatments. I am finding out that I can use the oils along with the whip shea butter and my hair has been able to thrive. I still do a wash n go on wash days and the next day plait my hair right back up, I’m not messing around this year lol. I have been stuck at bra strap for way too long.

So let me look at my book, I have not did a trim since December, whoo hoo!!! I really don’t see one coming so far either. This is a very good thing, a very good thing.

Remember keep your curly hair moisturized, it is a very important thing.

Love your hair and it will love you back. As always thanks for reading, peace and love!!!!


End 2012 Begin 2013

imageOK, I have been MIA a few days and just played catch up. I just did my wet
length check and that is where I let the shower water run over my hair and I
have someone take a pic. I have been doing this every yr since 2011 and I must
say I am so happy about the results. It still proved that I only get 3″ per yr
but you know what it don’t matter, what matters is that I GET IT!!! RIGHT???
So I will keep doing what I do which is deep conditioner twice
a week and wear my wash n go’s. I use what works for me also and it is Mixed
Chicks. I use Aubrey for my shampoo and Aubrey’s GPB for protein because I have
been trying to add that to my routine only like twice a month or so. I need to
henna my hair but I just been lazy about that one plus the front of my hair is
getting too straight. For the most part I co wash every other day but as soon as
I can get it warm in here I will be going back to everyday.

I will not make it WL at the end of the yr but I will be close and I am glad about that. I
know my hair growth slowed down a lot and just wished I could have had all this
knowledge when I was younger but I am happy for it now.

I need 6″ and I will only get 3″ insha Allah (if Allah wills) that will be the longest I ever
been in my life yaaa. I never flat iron my hair don’t like it and it will not
last out the day so why put my hair through that.

So I never said my numbers the last time I did the tape measure thing it was 13″ and the wet length
was going past my BSL so I am happy because pictures are worth a thousand words.
I don’t care what those numbers are and hey get you down when it seem like they
have not moved a inch when you look at that picture and you compare you see with
your own eyes, it has truly grown…… SO THAT IS WHAT I WROTE BACK IN JANUARY.

NOW it is Nov. 2013 and the yr has past. I know that I have been away for a very long time but never was I off my journey. I have stop wearing wash n go’s for the moment I have been sporting about 20 two strand twist all over my head, this has allow me to do 2 things, 1. keep my hands out of my hair and 2. allow my grey hair to grow out without using any henna which I am going to miss. I have grown to love the twist and finding the right gel for my hair was key to being able to keep them in. Plus it has been nice seeing some length for once. lol

A quick look at the length was measuring about 15″ in most areas and almost 14″ in the rest. So slowly but surely I am getting there and it is just 18″ I need to make it.

Love your hair and it will love you back.

As always thanks for reading, peace and love!!!!!



The Greatest Monday

Trips to the thrift store is always done on a Monday because of their 1/2 off every Monday. So I never go shopping there until then. So on this morning I was giving a ride to a friend who was in need for some things. As I was walking around just looking trying to keep in mind of things I needed not what I wanted lol. I came across this glider, mind you I was just looking online at prices on one for the front porch. It looked brand new except for the split fabric in the seat area.  As you see it is kind of deep but what was so great about this glider if you look close, there is a bar down the middle as well as bars going across the seat of the chair. This made my job very easy because the only thing I had to do was make a cushion to go on it and I was done.

It could use another pillow on the seat to make it a longer comfy sit but other than that I say my $10.00 was spent quite well, what you say?




























As always, thanks for reading, peace and love!!!!!!!



Curls Creme Brule

CurlsCBThis is the story about how I was looking for a moisturizing creme without any protein in it for everyday use. I did not have time to wait on Hairveda’s Whipped Creme which is what I normally use, time was not on my side. So I went to my hair boards to see who was talking about what. This name just kept coming up, Curls Creme Brule. I took to the internet to see who carried it near my home and off to the CVS I went before they closed. I had to get me a bottle of this creme because my hair needed moisture. Everything I had in the house, the Shea Moisture or whatever had protein in it.

So can I just tell you that it is thick and creamy and smells good. It only takes a little to cover your whole head. This creme has no hold but what it does have is definition. The other thing that I found with this creme is that it makes your hair feel and look fuller. My hair was moisturized without feeling greasy.

I know I don’t need to say it but I will, Curls Creme Brule is now one of my staples and my second bottle is already waiting in my cabinet. Oh, I forgot to tell you all about the price, that is the great part about this product, $9.97 and it is found on the ground at your CVS, Walgreens, Target. It just made it, my new budget is not to spend over $10.00 anymore on hair products, like shampoo, conditioners or moisturizers. I will still use Mixed Chicks as my styler and I may still use Moroccan Oil Intense Mask that cost me $30.00 but it is worth it.

Is this it? who knows. What I do know is I will be back in some months to come to give you an update on this new creme in my life.

Ladies your hair is ever changing, love it, care for it and it will truly love you back.

As always, thanks for reading, peace and love!!!!!


“Diazolidinyl Urea” What’s In Your Product??

002Ok this all started because I was doing a friend’s hair and she had to read all the ingredients because she has allergies to things. She was reading away and telling me I can’t use this and I can’t use that. She then came across one of my conditioners and said “Why are you using PIG URINE on your hair!!??” I’m like what the heck? She pointed out to me that Diazolidinyl Urea is from animal urine. So I took to the computer to read up on this matter because I couldn’t believe it. I found that even if they say oh it is synthetic now, it still at some point came from some kind of urine.

I went through all of the products I had and found out that it was the only one. I was so so happy because I really didn’t want to throw away all my money lol.

Ok, now we will only find this in the hair products, right? No, more reading led to me finding out that it is in your lotions, deodorants, soaps, all kinds of makeup. See more of a reason to use only natural products!!!!!

This thing was just blowing my mind. I can not believe at this day and time they are still using these harmful ingredients in our products trying to kill us over money.

These are some of the websites I got my information from:

(http:/ What should you look for and avoid?*
Avoid products that list any of the following names in the ingredients, MSDS or package insert
• Diazolidinyl urea
• N,N’-Bis(hydroxymethyl) urea
• N-(1,3-Bis(hydroxymethyl)-2,
• Diazolidinylurea;
• Urea, N-(1,3-bis(hydroxymethyl)-2,
N’-bis(hyd- roxymethyl)-
• 1-(1,3-Bis(hydroxymethyl)-2,
• Germall II
• Tetramethylolhydantoin urea

Because Diazolidinyl urea is a formaldehyde releaser, you may also react to other formaldehyde-releasing
substances such as Imidazolidinyl urea, Formaldehyde, Bronopol, Quaternium 15 and Dimethyl dimethyl

more links:

I try my best to keep you up to date as information comes to me.

Ladies as I always say, love your hair and it will love you back.

As always, thanks for reading, peace and love!!!!!


The Perfect Curls

tresemmenaturals mixed chicks leave in

So I went back to the basics this past week. I went to read back on the Curly Girl Method and watch videos on how the styling product should be applied for best results. Somehow this information got lost along the way. Then after a while my curls just looked dead to me. Even though I do not follow word for word with this method, meaning I still use products with silicones in it. Like my Mixed Chicks products and really that is mostly it. But I still apply and clean with the products I have as the Curly Girl Method in tales.

My curls really were lost and for a while I thought they would never come back. Before I started researching I was trying everything I could think of. Really I don’t know why my hair was treating me like that. I love it all the time, I care for it and everything. Still nothing was bringing those sweet curls the way I knew them, back to life.
So moving on, the one thing I had stop doing was:

1. I stopped leaving in the conditioner I co-washed with.

2. I stopped putting the product in my hair while it was soaking wet and then squeezing all the excess out. 

When I say that my curls popped back to life, I mean they were at attention. My eyes were wide as can be in disbelief. You mean to tell me that is all I had to do to get my perfect curls back? WOW!!

Even though the combination of conditioner and styling product is not specific, the technique is. I have never been a gel head and I was sceptic about the Mixed Chicks still working with the Curly Girl Method, but I was willing to give it a try.

Now on to what I did. First I co-washed as I normally do. Without drying my hair at all, meaning leave it dripping wet apply a little of the conditioner to your hair if you didn’t leave it in from co-washing. Oh, with your hair in a downward position. Start to squeeze your hair in a upward motion towards the scalp. You can use a tee shirt or microfiber towel for this as well. Then take your styling product which can be gel of your choice as long as it does not have alcohol in it, and rake that through your hair with your head still in the downward position. Squeeze towards the scalp with the shirt or towel. Now you would think that you wouldn’t want your curls all clump together, right? wrong. That is exactly what you want to happen. Now swing your head upright and put in those clips if need be and let your hair air dry or defuse it. Now one very important thing I must mention because I know some of you still do not know that when you use gel or a styling product that has hold it will leave a case over your head and as MS. Massey says, the case is to protect the hair from the elements in the air as it is drying. Once the hair is fully dry it will fill a little hard which is the casing. Turn your head downward again and grab your curls in your hands and push up towards your scalp to release the case.

What did that leave me with you say? THE PERFECT CURLS!!!!!

Ladies as always, love your hair and it will love you back.

As always, thanks for reading, peace and love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!









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