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2 Strand Twist On 4C Hair

So I had the opportunity to do a treatment on 4C type hair which had so much shrinkage it was crazy. But I was able to do her whole head without using any combs or brushes. It was so easy to finger detangle her hair even with the knots and split eRuqiya 5-25-13 (1) (225x300)nds she has.

I started off with the henna which was left on for about 4 hrs and since her hair is dark in color there was no need in thinking the red color was  going to show up.

Once the henna was rinsed from her hair I applied a dominican deep conditioner to her hair for her to sleep in. Yes I had her hair in my hands for a whole weekend. Her hair was very easy to section off to make sure that every strand was touched. I then put that section into bantu knots and moved on to the next. The next morning when the deep conditioner was rinsed out with cool water I then applied a apple cider vinegar rinse for her last rinse.

Here you can see the shrinkage Ruqiya 5-25-13 (3) (225x300)What I used to twist her hair with, Shea Moisture enhancing smoothie as her leave in and my she butter mixture to seal in the moisture. Her goal is to have healthy hair and long growth. Because I didn’t want to cut off her length she will be getting trims over a time period to rid her hair of all the split ends.

Here is the finish product

 Ruqiya 5-25-13 (6) (225x300)

Never think for a min that just because your eyes see hair that is shrunken and kinky that it could never be soft. My fingers had no problem getting through her beautiful kinky hair. Although it may never be straight it will always be manageable in one way or the other. She will make waist length in no time at all.

Ladies as always, love your hair and it will love you back.

As always thanks for reading, peace and love!!!!

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